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The Birth Control Pill
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Questions, answers, and personal experiences on the birth control pill
It crossed my mind that there is no one community devoted to birth control pill users. So, I have decided to create it.

Please keep in mind this community was created on Dec. 5th, 2007, so it is still under construction and will most likely be for a little bit.

1.) All member requests are moderated. I do this to keep this community safe and drama free. Livejournals that are less than 90 days old, have no entries, or are currently not active will be denied by default.

2.) Please keep discussion limited to that of birth control, specifically, the pill. I don't mind talk of other birth control methods or female issues, but please remember what this community was created for.

3.) The users in this journal are not doctor's. We can give advice, but not medicinal advice. If you are experiencing a serious problem, go to a doctor! And, while we are on that note, please don't take everything said in this community as "the word". While there will be talk going on, remember the birth control experience is different for everyone.

4.) No insulting, bashing, trolling, or disrespect to anyone. Community maintainer, or member. We all have the right to enjoy and feel safe in this community.

5.) PLEASE TAG YOUR POSTS. I cannot emphasis this enough. All pictures behind an LJ cut. If you're unsure how to do any of this, feel free to check out Livejournal's FAQ. I have added a modest amount of tags to this journal, but if your question or post falls under a category not in the tags, please suggest it and I will add it.

If you have any issues pertaining this community, please do not come to my personal journal. You may drop me an email at xdaybreak_sadnessx@yahoo.com


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